YACHT OF THE WEEK: The $33 Million Wally 118 Is Darth Vader's Home On The Water

Wally 118 Yacht Of The Week

Photo: courtesy Wally Yachts

It seems that the majority of modern yachts all have the same outward appearance, and the main option is what size you would like your ship to be.There are a select few yacht makers that build boats that look like absolutely nothing else on the water.

Monaco-based Wally is one of those makers, and the 118 is its most outrageous ship.

The 118 foot (hence the name) yacht has 17,000 horsepower and a cruising speed of 60 knots. That is the equivalent of 70 miles per hour.

Consumption needs to be measured in gallons per mile, not miles per gallon. At cruising speed, the ship drinks 15 gallons of fuel each nautical mile.

Wally made the 118 out of lightweight carbon fibre and she was wind tunnel tested by Ferrari. The yacht has also been featured on Top Gear as the seafaring equivalent to the outrageous Pagani Zonda supercar.

Everything about the 118 is bespoke and amazing.

The 118 looks like a stealth fighter in the water.

It cuts a distinct line, and it does so very quickly.

From above, the angular, militaristic design really pops out.

At full speed, the 118 has a range of just under 450 miles.

If this were parked next to an average 125-foot yacht, the amazing design would stand out even more.

This is a peaceful place to enjoy the speed.

Company owner Luca Bassani is one of many that enjoys standing there.

But the yacht really shines once you come aboard.

While moving, seating on the bow deck is stored. However, when the anchor is down a canopy and seating magically appear.

In the evening, the canopy can be stored for a cruise at dusk.

While it may look dark from the outside, the 118 actually features quite a bit of glass which makes it appear very open. There are plenty of areas to relax.

The kitchen has high-end appliances from Miele and a clean, minimalist look.

While the outside is dark and sinister, the staterooms are light and inviting.

And the bathroom looks like a Swedish spa.

The Wally 118 looks like a superb way to spend a day, week, month, year, or a lifetime.

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