YACHT OF THE WEEK: Take The Riviera By Storm With This $57 Million Superyacht

Issana Yacht of the Week 5/24

Photo: via Boat International

If you are planning a trip to Monaco this weekend for the forthcoming Grand Prix but don’t yet have a way to get there, have we got the yacht for you. The 182 foot superyacht Issana is available to buy for $57 million.

Over the weekend, many of the world’s largest yachts will be docking on the French Riviera for the party that is the Monaco Grand Prix.

While Issana is certainly not the largest or most expensive yacht out there, she will definitely fit right in among Monaco’s opulent surroundings.

(via Boat International)

We love the exterior. For some reason we think it looks modern with a retro touch. Perhaps it's the expanses of dark glass.

Up top, a hot tub is perfectly placed to enjoy action on the water or to see F1 cars racing in the streets.

Settle up top with your 10 guests and enjoy the view.

This deck looks like the perfect place to enjoy some casual dining.

But if you prefer a lighter table, maybe head on over to this part of the ship.

Once inside, Issana shows off her cozy, yet roomy, furnishings.

The colour scheme and hardwood floors just look great.

If the weather is bad, hang out on these couches with a good book.

Feeling formal? This dining room certainly fits the bill.

The kitchen is decked out with stainless appliances and a very contemporary wood finish.

Each stateroom has its own personality. The pattern on the walls reminds us of a beehive.

While this bright green is actually quite tropical. We really dig the aquamarine stripe on the side.

The wallpaper in this stateroom actually looks a bit psychedelic.

And finally, once again, we're amazed by the bathrooms.

Just look at this. It's bigger and nicer than our house.

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