YACHT OF THE DAY: A Boat That Turns Into An aeroplane At The Click Of A Button


Photo: Octuri

Yachts are great when it comes to leisurely transport, but not necessarily practical when you need to get from the Mediterranean Sea to, say, Miami, in a hurry.This design by Yelken Octuri (a pseudonym), who designs aeroplane cabin interiors by day, solves that problem with the addition of four retractable masts that transform into wings at the press of a button.

Octuri’s concept yacht made a splash at an exhibit at Paris’ Air and Space Museum last year, and while it’s currently only a design, has received interest from aircraft engineers, CNN reported.

The boat measures 151 feet, with two main decks and two half-decks.

The lower deck features a main room, a kitchen, bathroom and storage room, while the upper deck has three rooms and a bathroom.

The yacht has four mobile masts that transform into wings

In yacht mode, from above


In seaplane mode

In seaplane mode, from above

The front of the vessel

Interior of the main room

Sleek curves abound

Minimalist design

A seating area

Rear of the craft

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