Calling all yacht crew: Tell us what life is really like working on board a yacht, from the good to the bad to the downright wild

Dan Dennison/ShutterstockCalling all yacht crew: Tell us what life is really like on board!

Yacht crew: Business Insider wants to hear from you!

We’re looking to take a deep dive into the world of yachting, and no one knows it better than the people who make it go ’round.

To outsiders, yachting sounds like the most glamorous job – cruising the seas in million- and billion-dollar behemoths and visiting parts of the world you wouldn’t see otherwise. And to fans of Below Deck, yachting life looks like it’s full of drama and partying.

But is there more to working on a yacht than meets the eye? From back-to-back charters and outlandish guest demands to daily cleaning and late nights, life on board seems a little more gruelling and hard-working than some may think. What does society get wrong – and right – about life on board?

We want to know the best and worst parts of your job as well as those in between. What does a typical day look like for you?

Share your thoughts with us in our brief survey here. Don’t worry, you can stay anonymous – just check off the option at the end of the form.

So tell us – what is life really like working on a yacht?

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