Why The Newsweek "N" Appears In A New Promo Video For Yahoo!

Does Yahoo! want to buy Newsweek?

OK, before you go and get all ahead of yourselves, let us explain…

A commenter on our earlier item about speculation over Newsweek buyers pointed us to this new Yahoo! promo video, which is part of an advertising campaign the company recently launched.

It’s a cartoon in which a bunch of tiles, each containing a different website’s logo—Yahoo!, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, etc.—flip flop together into a giant pile.

The commenter pointed out that a bunch of the tiles feature a white “N” over a red background that happens to very closely resemble the Newsweek logo. The commenter also suggested, perhaps quite hyperbolically, that “This seems a pretty strong hint of Yahoo’s interest in Newsweek.”

Other people noticed, too. Check out this thread titled “Will Yahoo Buy Newsweek” posted on a Yahoo finance message board on May 7.

So we called a Yahoo! spokesman to find out if there was anything to this.

At first he said he was 99% sure the red “N” was for Netflix, not Newsweek.

But upon further investigation, he emailed to say: “So there is a Newsweek tile in the video but I wouldn’t read anything into it. The producers of the video were just trying to tell a story about all the different sites (news and otherwise) you can access via the homepage to have a more personalised experience.”

Really? So the websites the producers came up with were Facebook, Twitter, eBay and … Newsweek? Seems a bit random, even though we don’t buy into the idea that it means Yahoo! is eyeing the magazine.

Still, to be sure, we asked flat out if this means Yahoo! does not in fact have any plans to bid on Newsweek. The spokesman declined to comment on that one.

But there you have it! That’s the story behind the red Newsweek “N” in the new Yahoo! promo video, which you can watch below.

Yahoo! Tile Video @ Yahoo! Video

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