China's 'The World' Is The Most Ridiculous Housing Project We've Ever Seen

Xingyao Wuzhou


Remember “The World” at Dubai?The Chinese were inspired to create their own version of “The World” in Tianjin, a city near Beijing.

Construction for the $3 billion plus project called “Xingyao Wuzhou” started in 2008, but it is unclear when it will be finished.

Some residential buildings are already open, but most of the office buildings and most extravagant architecture has yet to be completed.

rumours of bankruptcy were denied by Xingyao Investment Limited vice president Yang Wen-chi, though he said the company was facing some financial pressure.

One of the project’s major lenders, CITIC, is also cutting back its property loans in general, and it is looking to restructure Xingyao Wuzhou’s debts.

Xingyao Wuzhou literally translates to “Shining Star over Five Continents.” Once finished, it will be a complete luxury neighbourhood with 7-star hotel, yacht club, the world’s largest indoor ski venue, and a museum of world monuments, complete with Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate Bridge.

This is what the land looked like before construction began.

Europe will host the main shopping centres, while Oceania gets the school and hospital. And North America will have the indoor ski and sports complex.

The view looking over the residential area of Eurasia, with North America off in the distance.

The lake is still being made at this stage in the development.

Each continent will have its own unique hotels.

There will be dynamic shopping centres on each continent too.

There are swimming, golfing, and skiing recreation centres in North America.

The newest 7-star hotel will be a centrepiece of the project. It gives guests a 360 degree view of 'the entire world.'

The Piazza is located in North America, next to a shopping centre, and surrounded by works of art.

Some stores have already opened up in the North America shopping centre.

But much construction remains to be done on the office buildings.

California is just south of the Piazza.

And the California houses are nearly finished.

And the entire residential area of California is nearly complete.

Many residential areas have been completed or are nearing completion.

In fact, some are already ready for people to move into.

Waterfront property will be abundant in the man-made Tianjiahu lake.

Manhattan lies on the island just east of California. Much of its design is inspired by scenes around the real Manhattan.

Alaska is to the north, just across the water from the indoor ski and recreation centre.

Mexico lines the west coast of South America, with a perfect view of the spectacular 7-star hotel.

Meanwhile, Canada lines the west coast of North America.

China is full of ambitious new developments

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