The hottest smartphone company in the world, Xiaomi, will start selling in the US soon. But it won’t be selling phones…

Xiaomi ceo lei jun

Smartphone maker Xiaomi will start selling in the US through its website “in a few months,” according to VP Hugo Barra.

Barra said customers in the US will be able to buy things like batteries, routers, and fitness bands.

Bringing Xiaomi’s smartphones and tablets to new markets like the US is “an incredible amount of work,” according to Barra.

Xiaomi doesn’t have a timeline for bringing its smartphones to the US.

Xiaomi has had tremendous success selling smartphones in China and is now the 3rd-largest smartphone maker worldwide, after Samsung and Apple.

Part of Xiaomi’s success has come from selling to customers online at lower prices than its competitors.

Xiaomi’s operating system, MIUI, is updated weekly and frequently incorporates features suggested by fans and users on its website Mi Forum.

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