One Of Apple's Biggest Competitors Just Slammed The IPhone 6 Plus In Its New Video Ad

Xiaomi’s new 5.7-inch Mi Note phone, unveiled last week, is undoubtedly a worthwhile competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note.

But Xiaomi wants you to know that its Mi Note is superior to Apple’s phablet, at least in one design area.

In one of Xiaomi’s recent YouTube videos posted after the announcement, which we found via Singapore-based tech blog Hardware Zone, the Chinese company pokes fun at the iPhone 6 Plus’ protruding camera.

The video showcases the iPhone 6 Plus throughout the video, but then “improves” it by smacking the phone with a frying pan in order to slim down its protruding camera.

After the iPhone 6 Plus is clobbered with the pan, it magically turns into a Xiaomi Mi Note, which has a rear camera that’s flush with the back of the phone.

Check out the full video below.

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