These Are The Android Phones That Are Clobbering Apple In China

Last quarter, a company you’ve probably never heard of
sold more smartphones than Apple in China.

That company is called Xiaomi, and it is often referred to as the “Apple of China” because a lot of its success comes from mimicking Apple’s marketing strategy.

Its best-selling phones are based on Android, but Xiaomi rewrites most of the operating system to fit its own needs. Xiaomi’s “forked” version of Android is called MiUI. The company also sells its phones for hundreds of dollars less than Apple and Samsung’s devices.

However, Xiaomi’s place on top of Apple will likely be short-lived. Apple is reportedly going to start selling iPhones on some of China’s largest carriers this year, which will help it snap up a lot more market share in that country.

In the meantime, check out MiUI and see why it’s been such a success in China.

Xiaomi's phones are well-built, but sold for less than $US200 U.S. without a contract. They also come in a ton of colours. They usually sell out in seconds.

This is the home screen. The icons are rounded squares, just like the app icons on the iPhone.

Even app folders look similar to the folders on the iPhone.

This is the contacts list in MiUI.

And this is what an individual contact's profile looks like.

The alarm clock app looks a lot like Apple's too.

Here's the countdown timer app.

The photo gallery looks pretty nice.

The music player is pretty sleek.

Here's a look at the music player widget that lets you control tunes from your home screen.

The music player also displays song lyrics.

The video player's controls are very modern looking.

The compass app looks a lot better than Apple's.

The voice recorder app mimics an old-school tape player.

By the way, Xiaomi has its own streaming video TV box that's similar to the Apple TV. It lets you beam content from your smartphone to your TV, just like Apple's AirPlay.

The remote (left) also looks similar to the Apple TV remote.

Xiaomi's phones aren't the only reason it's been successful

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