Smartphone Shipments In China Approach Triple-Digit Growth, As Domestic Manufacturers Rise

Smartphone shipments in China jumped an impressive 98% year-over-year, and now account for 38% of global shipments.

(They were 29% of global shipments in the same quarter last year.)

The rising tide of smartphone sales in China have been a boon to Samsung and the top domestic Chinese manufacturers, including Xiaomi, which has overtaken Apple and risen to sixth place in China’s smartphone shipment race.

Here’s a look at Chinese smartphone shipments charted against the global market for smartphone shipments.

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Xiaomi claimed 5.0% of the Chinese market after it shipped about 4.4 million units last quarter, according to data from Canalys.

Surpassing Apple is a significant feat, considering Xiaomi launched its first handset just two years ago.

Much of Xiaomi’s rapid success can be attributed to cues the younger company has taken from Apple itself. Many have dismissed Xiaomi as an “Apple clone.”

Unlike Apple, however, Xiaomi smartphones run on the Android platform and are sold primarily through Xiaomi’s retail website. About 72% of Xiaomi handsets were sold online last year.

Prior to branching out into hardware, Xiaomi developed its MiUi customisable Android skin.

Xiaomi’s phones are also much cheaper than Apple’s. The two Xiaomi handsets retail for $US326 and $US245. A third handset also launched recently, at the cheapest price point of $US129.

With their cheaper but still good quality phones, companies like Xiaomi are making it difficult for Apple to gain market share in China.

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