Xiaomi, China's Hottest Smartphone Company, Might Have A Gorgeous New Android Phone Coming Soon

A new photo may provide some clue as to what Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone will look like.

The alleged leaked photo, which blog GizChina spotted on Chinese social network Weibo (via Phone Arena), shows a super slim phone with barely any bezels along the side of its screen.

Xiaomi is often referred to as “the Apple of China” since it markets and announces its new products in a similar manner. And it’s worked out pretty well for Xiaomi so far — the company recently surpassed both Samsung and Apple to become the biggest smartphone company in China and is currently worth more than $US45 billion, after reportedly raising $US1 billion in a new funding round. 

If this newly leaked photo turns out to be accurate, it looks like Xiaomi’s next phone could be another hit. The thin side bezels shown in the image would allow Xiaomi to make the device’s screen large while keeping the actual size of the phone relatively compact. 

The new phone is expected to feature a 5.5-inch screen, the same display size as the iPhone 6 Plus. The photo published by GizChina looks a lot like previously leaked images we’ve seen that reportedly show Xiaomi’s next phone.

We won’t know for sure, however, until the company officially unveils its next Mi device, which might happen in the second quarter of 2015. 

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