The hottest smartphone maker in China is now selling gorgeous TV sets for dirt cheap

Xiaomi has made quite a name for itself by selling high-end products at dirt cheap prices. But if you thought its phones and tablets were cheap, wait until you see Xiaomi’s Mi TV 2, a 40-inch Android-powered smart TV that costs just a paltry $US320.

There’s a lot to love about the TV’s specs, which includes a Sharp-built monitor and fast, powerful chips to handle the Android-based OS. It also supports all kinds of video and gaming formats, it’s super thin, and you can even buy it with one of several bright candy-coloured casings, which are both fun and reminiscent of the company’s colourful tablet lineup.

But again, there’s no beating that $US320 price point for this brand of television. You can find 40-inch TVs at retailers like Best Buy and B&H around that same price point, but they’re all extremely basic in terms of features, and don’t include any of the internet-related capabilities you’d find in any smart TV.

In February, Xiaomi announced it would start selling products in the US this year, with the exception being its popular line of smartphones and tablets. Hopefully the company considers stocking these cute, ultra-cheap TVs on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

We first heard about these new Xiaomi TVs over at Gizmodo. Check out more photos below.

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