There's Now A Drug To Fix A Bent Penis

The FDA just released an announcement that might make you blush.

They’ve approved the use of a drug called Xiaflex to treat curved penises. It is already on the market to treat a hand disease, and has now been approved to treat Peyronie’s disease, which causes scar tissue build up in the penis that can result in a deformity.

This isn’t your normal curved penis, curvature of the penis can be extreme. It’s caused by scar tissue buildup that creates a bend in the erect penis. Wikipedia says that it happens in up to 5% of men. It can also cause pain, and troubles during sex, and even some psychological issues.

It is most often seen in white men over 40 but can happen to men of any race and age. In about half of men who are diagnosed with the disease, the curvature continues to worsen over time.

The drug interferes with the buildup of the collagen that causes the curvature, the researchers think. On a trial of more than 800 men with a penile bend greater than 30%, the drug was able to significantly reduce the penis curvature. It’s the first non-surgical option to become available for men with the disease.

On a cautionary note, the drug has risk of serious side effects, including “penile fracture” in which one of the structures in the shaft of the penis ruptures. Yikes.

For those needle shy men out there, this treatment may not be an option: It requires several injections of the drug directly into the penis. The doctor massages the area as well, to help the scar tissue break apart.

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