Another Harvard Link In Latest China Scandal

harvard universityConant Hall, Harvard University

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Where is Xi Jinping, the man thought to be the next leader of China? So far we have a bunch of rumours about soccer injuries and assassination attempts, but very little hard facts.However, there could be one person in America who knows.

It’s believed that Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze has been studying at Harvard since 2010. She reportedly studies under a pseudonym and, according to reports in the Taiwanese press (which may not be reliable), she is protected by Chinese bodyguards 24 hours a day with FBI assistance. WantChinaTimes describes her as “a low-key and easy-going girl, who counts reading and fashion among her hobbies”.

The Harvard link may remind China-watchers this year’s other big scandal. Bo Xilai’s son Bo Guagua was a student at Harvard during his father’s fall from grace this year, and was later spotted by Nicholas Kristof in Cambridge, standing front of a stretched limo (the latest absurd twist in his ongoing car saga).

In the end, despite calls from major international outlets, Bo Guagua ended up deciding to break his silence to the Harvard Crimson, landing the college paper in the international press. Perhaps they’ll score another hit with Xi Mingze, although, if the more serious rumours are to be believed, she may not be in the country.

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