China's Huge Leadership Mystery Could End Tomorrow

Xi Jinping China

Photo: AP

In an exclusive report for Reuters, Benjamin Kang Lim and Sui-Lee Wee reveal that Xi Jinping, China’s leader-in-waiting, may return to the public eye tomorrow.While they admit the report cannot be confirmed, Reuters spoke to two other sources who said that Xi — who is expected to become China’s next president next year — had been undergoing physical therapy for a back injury and was now recovered.

A similar report has also appeared in the South China Morning Post.

Xi hadn’t been seen in public since September 1 and had cancelled an important meeting with Hilary Clinton with little explanation. The official silence on his disappearance caused many to fear the worsta number of rumours went around about his health, the most credible (from the Telegraph’s Malcom Moore) said that he had a heart attack, while other less credible rumours suggested an assassination attempt.

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