Chinese Communist officials are about to undergo a year long ‘self discipline’ training

Four comprehensives chinese rap video
A screenshot from the CCP’s rap video about the ‘Four Comprehensives.’ YouTube

Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared that for the next year, all Chinese officials in the Chinese Communist Party (so, everyone) will go through an education campaign, 
according to
state media outlet Xinhua.

There, says Xi, they will learn about “self-discipline” and “good values.”

“Arranging the new study campaign is a step toward expanding intra-Party education from ‘a key few’ to the Party members more broadly, and a switch from centralised study to study conducted more frequently,” Xi said.

A move like this shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been watching Xi’s moves since he took power, and especially his moves over the last year. Xi has tightened restrictions on the internet and media. Think tanks and Party schools have been told to block out Western values and swear their loyalty to the Communist Party.

“To realise the goal of building a moderately prosperous society and the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation, the key is to mould a troop of officials that are as strong as iron in belief, faith, discipline and sense of responsibility,” Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said at a meeting on Party schools.

Pencils up

At their new education program, CCP officials will be drilled in the “Four Comprehensives.” These tenets were laid out in a book published by Xi in October

Their aim is to promote a “moderately prosperous society” by: “comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively advancing the rule of law, comprehensively strictly governing the Party.”

China’s economy is slowing as it attempts to transition from one based on investment, to one based on domestic consumption. Consider “moderately prosperous” language that the Party is using to ease Chinese people into the idea of slower growth. That, ideally, should mitigate any cracks in the “social harmony” the CCP values above all.

In the meantime, Xi is hedging by also tightening his grip on the nation.

The Four Comprehensives are so important to the CCP now, that they even put out a rap video about it. Lyrics include sure-to-be instant classics like:

  • “Prosperity and rule of law, Party building the key, reform for y’all,”
  • “Everyone is equal before the law. Think your dad can protect you? No way!”
  • And “reformation is progress, say it with me the Four Comprehensives!”

Expect to see more stuff like this. Part of the CCP’s new crackdown on the internet isn’t just about censorship, it’s also about putting out viral content that distributes its message.

Check out the rap video below:


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