FINALLY: China's Xi Jingping Resurfaces After Being MIA For Two Weeks

Xi Jinping

Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images

rumours and conspiracy theories were flying as days passed and China’s Xi Jingping was nowhere to be seen.Xi, China’s Vice President and heir apparent to President Hu Jintao, had cancelled various public appearences in recent days.

However, Xi Jingping has finally resurfaced.  From the AFP:

But on Thursday, state media said he had “expressed condolences on the death of old party comrade Huang Rong”, who died on September 6 — a day after Xi missed a planned meeting with Clinton.

The report in the Guangxi Daily newspaper — mouthpiece of the Communist Party committee in China’s southern Guangxi region — marked the first public communication by Xi since he delivered a speech on September 1.

There’s still no official explanation as to why Xi had been absent from his previous public appearances.

However, sources told The Daily Telegraph that he had suffered from a heart attack.

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