Xerox Sues Google, Yahoo Over Patented Search


Xerox filed suit against Google and Yahoo! last Friday claiming that some of their search technology infringes on Xerox’s patented tech.

According to Bloomberg, they are seeking unspecified monetary compensation and an order preventing the companies from using their inventions without permission.

Bloomberg: One patent, issued in 2004, is for a way to automatically generate a query based on keyword searches. Xerox claims that Google’s AdSense and AdWords software, and Yahoo’s Search Marketing, Publishing Network and Y!Q Contextual Search software are infringing that patent.

The second patent, issued in 2001, is for a way of updating pages based on user reviews. Google Maps, Google Video, the YouTube service and Yahoo Shopping all use that patented technique, Xerox contends.

Not shocking: Google’s senior litigation counsel calls the claims “without merit.”

Read more at Bloomberg.

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