The most powerful next-gen Xbox console costs $500 and launches on November 10

The Xbox Series S, left, and Xbox Series X, right. Microsoft
  • This November, Microsoft is launching two versions of the next-gen Xbox: The Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X.
  • Both consoles play the same games, but the latter is far more powerful – and far more expensive: The Xbox Series X will cost $US500 when it launches on November 10.
  • In order to offset the high price, Microsoft is offering a financing plan that starts at $US25 per month and comes with access to the company’s “Netflix of gaming” service, Xbox Game Pass.
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This holiday season, Microsoft is launching two new, next-gen Xbox consoles: The Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X.

Both consoles are scheduled to arrive on November 10, and both are capable of playing next-gen Xbox games — but that’s where the similarities end.

Among the most stark differences is in pricing, which Microsoft finally revealed on Wednesday morning: The Xbox Series S costs $US300, while the Xbox Series X costs $US500.

For nearly double the price of the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X offers far more horsepower — approximately three times more, as demonstrated in the specs comparison list Microsoft published alongside the pricing news.

Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X specs

Though many of the specs are similar, a quick look at the “GPU Power” section demonstrates what those respective specs are capable of producing: About 4 TFLOPS (“teraflops“) on the Xbox Series S, and over 12 on the Xbox Series X.

The more expensive and more powerful Xbox Series X will produce the same games with higher fidelity visuals. It also comes with a larger amount of internal storage, at 1 TB to the 512 GB found in the Xbox Series S.

When the new Xbox consoles launch on November 10, they will cost $US300 and $US500, respectively, but they will also be available through a monthly financing plan.

“Xbox Series S will be available starting from $US24.99 a month for 24 months,” Microsoft said in its announcement, “and Xbox Series X will be available starting from $US34.99 a month for 24 months.”

Those prices include a subscription to Microsoft’s “Netflix for gaming” service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The service provides access to over 100 games that are part of a continually updated library. Moreover, those games are all able to be streamed, Netflix-style, directly to your mobile device.

Take a closer look at the Xbox Series X in its debut trailer right here:

And check out the Xbox Series S in its debut trailer right here:

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