The Xbox One comes out Friday, but we got our hands on an early review console.

Microsoft’s next-generation console will sell for $499 retail.

We’ll be playing with the system throughout the week offering our initial thoughts before a full review next week.

For now, let’s see what you’ll get with the new Xbox.

Here it is!

Here's the back of the box featuring the new Dashboard.

Well, let's open her up!

Hello new Kinect!

Wonder what's underneath it?

A LOT of goodies!

Let's start with a new headset.


Next up, is the new Xbox One controller.

Gone are the 'Back' and 'Start' keys. The directional pad is now free on its own and the Xbox logo has been moved to the top.

The left and right bumpers and triggers are larger, too.

It's definitely smaller and lighter than the Xbox 360 controller.

It even comes with batteries.

Here are a bunch of other essentials.

In addition to the many cords and start guide is a 14-day trial to Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft's paid online membership.

Now, let's get a look at the Kinect.


It's a little bigger than the old Kinect and slightly heavier.

The IR camera on the left allows the Kinect to see people in the dark.

The new Kinect can also track the slightest gestures with real motion tech and can reduce motion blur with a new time-of-flight camera.

So much unpacking and we haven't even looked at the best thing yet.

Here we go.

Looks like we took it out upside down.

There it is!

The Xbox One!

Here it is from the back ...

... and next to the Kinect.

Here's the console with the controller to give you an idea of its size.

All three: The Xbox One, the new Kinect, and controller.

One more.

And here's everything together.

That's all for now.

More to come as we're reviewing the console.

That was the Xbox One. Now, check out its competition.

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