Microsoft's New Xbox One Could Replace Your Cable Company's DVR One Day

xbox one back of consoleThe ports on the back of the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s new Xbox One video game console can plug directly into your cable box to pipe in live TV. However, even though the console has a really big hard drive, it won’t replace the DVR your cable company gives you yet.

But that functionality could be added in the future, according to the Xbox’s hardware boss Todd Holmadahl. In an interview with Business Insider following yesterday’s big Xbox One reveal, Holmadahl said the console can only record what you do in video games, but Microsoft is working with cable companies to add TV DVR too.

As it stands now, you’ll have to switch from your Xbox One input to your cable box input if you want to watch recorded shows, which defeats the purpose of Microsoft’s goal to make the Xbox One a hub for all your TV-based entertainment. In its Xbox One demos yesterday, Microsoft showed how easy it is to switch between live TV, games, movies, etc. without having to change the input.

But it’s pretty clear the system isn’t perfect as Microsoft will need permission from cable companies to allow features like DVR and on-demand video. It’s a work in progress.

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