Here's The Coolest New Feature On The Xbox One

We’ve been trying out the Xbox One for a few days.

Before we give you our initial impressions of the console, we need to tell you about the coolest thing you can do on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Xbox one tvKirsten Acuna / Business InsiderHere’s Comcast streaming through the Xbox One.

One of the many new features of the Xbox One allows you to watch TV right on the console.

While that’s cool — you now have the ability to seamlessly watch games and cut straight to television any time you want while still receiving Xbox notifications — the real game changer is what you can do once the cable is set up.

Another feature of the Xbox One is called Snap which allows users to run two applications at once on the same screen.

Basically, you can play a game while music is streaming on the side, Skyping with friends, browsing the web and more.

However, some of those combinations don’t really lend themselves to a dual screen. We probably wouldn’t stream Netflix and live TV at the same time or Hulu Plus and the Fox Now app which streams network series. People may love binge watching, but you just can’t watch two shows at once. The Internet browser is also way too small to view in snap mode.

Xbox one snapCourtesy of MicrosoftHere’s Xbox One exclusive title ‘Forza Motorsport 5’ snapped with the Xbox Music app.

The one combination that seems to be perfect — and which we could see becoming a favourite for sports Sundays — is the possibility to watch ESPN and “snap” it together with the NFL on Xbox app to review live sports scores, analysis, and highlights on the right simultaneously.

The result looks like this:

So, you’ll be able to watch football while seeing every football score live right next to the game along with highlights.

At any time, you’re able to make the app on the right full screen.

Here’s how the NFL app looks on its own:

You can also switch between controlling the app on the right, in this case, the NFL one and live television by double clicking the Xbox logo on the controller.

We’ve had a few issues with the NFL app while in Beta mode before the console launches (i.e. it hasn’t wanted to load sometimes), however, for the most part, it has been fine and works great. You can watch video highlights, the latest sports stories, and live scores.
This is a game changer.

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