Xbox Online Players Hack Each Other As Revenge For Losing


Sad, but not really surprising: The BBC notes there’s been an sharp uptick the past few weeks in hackers targeting Xbox Live players, using classic tools like denial-of-service attacks to disrupt other player’s connections.

Why? In revenge for someone beating them in online play.

Microsoft (MSFT) says they’re doing what they can, but since the network attacks target someone’s Internet connection, and not their Xbox account, there’s not much Microsoft can do other than make a player’s IP address as hard to detect as possible.

We hope this problem doesn’t spread, and find it all too easy to imagine players routinely trying to hack their Halo enemies’ connections in some loser attempt to be an Xbox big shot. We also find it hard to imagine the same sort of thing happening on the Wii — not because it’s technically impossible, just because Mario Kart fans seem less likely to get so worked up.