Microsoft has an online design lab that lets you customise your perfect Xbox controller -- here's how it works

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Gamers have usually tried to stand out by getting really good at a particular game, or sticking with a certain console.

Microsoft wants to make it easier to add some flair to your gaming set up by letting you design a custom controller through an online tool.

It’s simple to use, but gives you enough options that you probably won’t ever see one like it. I’ve walked through the creation process below so you’ll know what to expect if you make one yourself.

Start designing your own Xbox controller here >>

You start with a plain, black controller, and can change the colour of its body or jump ahead to a different part. At the bottom you'll also notice a button that lets you switch between a 2D and 3D view.


Picking a colour gives you a high resolution view of how the controller will look.


Each colour choice carries over through the different steps, so you can mix and match until you find a combination that fits your aesthetic.


The 3D view I mentioned earlier lets you view the controller you're designing from every angle, which was useful to me when looking at how everything looked from the top.


Certain parts can be changed from a single, solid colour to a metallic option.


The controllers face buttons, D-pad, and pair of thumbsticks can all be adjusted independently.


Finally, if you want a controller that's truly custom, you're able to get the bottom of it engraved.

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