Microsoft stole the show with its Super Bowl ad about a customisable Xbox controller that lets anyone game

XboxThe Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed to be used by people with limited mobility.
  • Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, titled “We All Win,” has been praised for its message of inclusivity.
  • The Xbox Adaptive Controller lets players with limited mobility or physical impairments build a video game controller to suit their needs with specific accessories.
  • The Xbox Adaptive Controller officially launched in September and costs $US99. It can play games on Windows 10 computers and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Appropriately titled “We All Win,” Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad for the Xbox Adaptive Controller has been praised for its message of inclusivity, and the device is already available for the players who need the controller’s unique features.

Microsoft’s goal for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, released in September, is simple: give gamers who have limited mobility or physical impairments more options to play the video games they care about. Time magazine named the device one of the best inventions of 2018.

The Xbox development team revealed the adaptive controller during the E3 Expo in June, promising a commitment to inclusivity and innovation. Microsoft said its creation was guided by advice from accessibility experts and nonprofit advocates including The AbleGamers Charity, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Craig Hospital, Special Effect, and Warfighter Engaged.

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Chris Kujawski, an Xbox designer, told Time he hoped the controller would influence others in the gaming community to be more inclusive. Time said the Xbox Adaptive Controller was the first of its kind developed for a major video game console.

Xbox Adaptive Controller 235 1XboxPlayers can connect a wide range of accessories to the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Players can program the large buttons on the face of the controller and connect a variety of accessories – including headphones, additional switches and buttons, a one-handed joystick, and mounts that can secure the controller to a player’s legs or wheelchair – to make sure the device fits their needs.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available at Microsoft stores and GameStop for $US99 and can also be used with Windows computers and Xbox One devices. More accessories for the Xbox Adaptive Controller can be found on Microsoft’s website.

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