What Will The Xbox 720 And PS4 Look Like?

Xbox 720 Mockup

Sony and Microsoft are readying peripheral devices next year to add on to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to further extend their product lives.

For instance, Microsoft is working on “Project Natal” to add motion-sensing game play to the Xbox, so it’s more like a Wii.

But Id Software technical director John Carmack, creator of “Doom” and “Quake,” told PC World he thinks Sony is hustling to release the PS4 before Microsoft has a competing product ready.

And gamer geeks are already guessing what the next generation video game consoles might look like.

Check out their ideas >
Photo: Djeric

Will the PlayStation 4 be encased in futuristic clear plastic?

Source: Tai Chiem

Flipped vertically the plastic acts as a stand

Source: Tai Chiem

Built-in OLED display for quick preview of content

Source: Tai Chiem

Or will the new PS4 be slim and compact?

Source: Darpan Design

The PS4 can look more traditional

The PS4 console might just be a tiny device

The Xbox 720 might have a futuristic design

Source: Tai Chiem

The device looks like the spaceship from Flight Of The Navigator

Source: Tai Chiem

Xbox 720 could also sport an unique spherical design

Another theory: The Xbox 720 might also just be a handheld console device

Source: Djeric

Or the Xbox 720 could resemble its ealier cousins

Xbox 720 could also be just an upgrade of the current designs

Source: Miguel Duarte

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