Xbox 360's Kinect, PS3's Move Still Seeing 'Limited Expectations,' says Analyst


Photo: Gizmodo

Ever since GDC and E3 this year, the hype train has been really building for the respective motion control solutions from Microsoft and Sony. The latter is about to launch its much talked about PlayStation Move this week, while Microsoft is set to kick off the Kinect launch in November. While Microsoft is practically treating Kinect as if it were a whole new console, Sony has acknowledged that uptake for Move is likely to be more gradual. According to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, the industry is actually more reserved about these new motion platforms than all the hype might suggest.

“Expectations are mixed for Move and Kinect. Based on our conversations, we believe that industry expectations remain somewhat limited for new motion controllers (Move and Kinect), based on high initial price points, lack of compelling core game titles, and limited consumer buzz at this point,” he said.

As usual, software is the key, and neither Sony nor Microsoft has really demonstrated a true ‘killer app’ for Move or Kinect just yet.

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