Consumers Face Xbox 360 Shortages As Sales Top $551 Million

xbox360 greenXbox makes green.

By James BrightmanFollowing the NPD data for January, Microsoft has noted that its 360 console beat out the competition for the month with 381,000 units sold. This represents an increase of 48,000 units year-over-year. Xbox 360 was the only platform to show year-over growth (15%) for the month.

Microsoft also noted that total retail spent on Xbox 360 topped $551 million, “making it the top-selling console platform for the 10th month in a row.” And that feat was accomplished despite problems with supply, according to the company.

“Some lingering supply constraints coupled with high-consumer demand led to continued pockets of shortages at retail. Microsoft anticipates this trend to improve through February, but will continue to work with retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments,” Microsoft said.

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