Xbox 360 Owners Buy More Games Than Wii, PS3 Fans


Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Wii may still be the hottest game console, but in the first 23 months of each console’s life, Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox 360 owners have bought more games, on average, according to data compiled by gaming Web site Gamasutra.

After 23 months on the market, on average, Xbox 360 owners bought 6.6 games per console, Wii owners bought 5.5 games, and PS3 owners bought 5.3 games. Not a big difference. Educated guess: Nintendo Inc. probably benefited the most from this, because 2.4 games per console were Nintendo’s own “first-party” games — better than Microsoft or Sony.

Why does any of this matter? Because the console makers are betting on royalties and revenues from software sales to offset the development — and subsidy — of consoles.

We’re not surprised that Sony’s PS3 has the smallest number of games per console — we assume some people bought the gadget as much for its Blu-ray movie player as they did for gaming.


Chart from Gamasutra

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