Windows 8 rumour: Soon You'll Be Playing Xbox Games On Your PC

xbox 360 announcement e3

While the Xbox Kinect has been driving Xbox 360 sales for a while now, the system will not live on forever.

With no word yet about a successor to the Xbox 360, computer hardware website Insideris is reporting that Microsoft might let users play Xbox 360 games on their Windows 8 PCs coming in 2012.

This would let PC users travel with Xbox 360 games they already own, and enable people with no Xbox 360 to buy games and play them on their PC for a reliable console-like experience.

Microsoft already makes Xbox 360 controllers built just for Windows computers, but the Xbox 360’s internal architecture is very different than that of modern PCs so it could be very challenging.

It’s possible users could activate the feature by paying a subscription fee, but could not play online multiplayer with Xbox 360 users over Xbox Live.

Sure, many Xbox 360 games are already available for PC, but this move could help draw out the 360’s lifespan, and provide an incentive for 360 users to buy a new Windows 8 PC.

On a related note, Microsoft has been giving away Xbox 360s as part of a back to school special on Windows 7 PCs.

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(Dvice via Insideris)

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