Microsoft's Wii-Killer Already Bombing?

Microsoft Natal Girl

The U.K.-based ShopTo retailer has called for Microsoft to lower the price that it expects gamers will have to pay for the Xbox 360 Kinect motion platform

Though the pre-order sales only represent U.K. figures, the signs still point to lower than expected sales.  Microsoft has yet to officially announce the list price of the Kinect, but there are strong rumours that $149.99 is the magic number.

The pre-order listed price in the U.K. at ShopTo is at £129.99 with a release date set for November 19, 2010. These prices are just “placeholder” for Microsoft’s official pricing says ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta to Eurogamer.

Cipolletta noted the price is “too high.” He continued, “We believe that with this current economy it should be around £70. For £140 you can buy a Wii.” He added, “Pre-orders are very low.” 

Of course, at this stage when Microsoft has yet to announce official launch pricing and plans or really engage in any major marketing, you’d expect pre-order numbers to be low.

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