Jon Stewart and Wyatt Cenac cleverly showed they're 'good' on the final 'Daily Show'

Wyatt cenac on daily show Comedy CentralWyatt Cenac.

Thursday night marked the final episode of Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show.”

To bid him farewell, many of the former correspondents made an appearance to do their shtick one last night with the host.

Outside of the raucous applause for the the likes of Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell, the audience was also excited to see that Wyatt Cenac got an invite.

Cenac was a correspondent on the show from 2008-2012, but he recently made headlines when he told comedian Marc Maron on his podcast about a time he and Stewart had a blowup at a staff meeting regarding a segment perceived as racially insensitive. 

It had to do with Stewart doing an impression of Hermain Cain, who was seeking a 2012 Republican nomination. At the meeting Cenac discouraged Stewart from the host’s plans to do the impression again. Cenac told Maron that Stewart “kept shutting him down” about it.

According to Cenac, the argument escalated to Stewart shouting expletives at him several times with the disagreement continuing when Cenac followed Stewart to his office.

Stewart later apologised. In the podcast, Cenac said Stewart and he exchanged emails recently and that Stewart “kind of apologised as much as he could, for if I felt hurt.”

Things must have been patched up enough for Cenac to appear for Stewart’s final show.

The bit was very brief, with Cenac appearing  just outside the show’s studio. (However, he was inside, all the correspondent reporting is done behind green screen.)

Stewart asked if Cenac was coming in? Cenac said very matter-of-fact that he might. “I’m thinking about it,” said Cenac. “I got some balls in the air.”

Stewart then asked him, “You good?” Cenac responded, “Yeah, I’m good. You good?” Stewart responded, “Yeah, I’m good.”

The “You good?” is a sly reference to Maron’s podcast. The comic usually asks his guests following a lengthy chat “We good?” as a way of making sure the two are leaving the podcast on good terms.

It seemed those watching the show were as happy as the studio audience about Cenac’s appearance. Cenac received the third most tweets during the show Thursday night (behind Colbert and John Oliver), according to Amobee Brand Intelligence.

Watch Cenac and Stewart’s bit from Thursday’s “The Daily Show” (via Vulture):


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