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U.S. Index Futures Fall, Yen Rises on Stress Tests; European Stocks Gain

Bank of America Said to Need $34 Billion in New Capital After Stress Tests
Pressure mounts on BofA and Citi Washington sets out Tarp payback rules

Europe March Retail Sales Drop by Record as Consumers Cut Back on Spending  

Fed’s Yellen Optimistic, Says Economy May Be Reaching ‘Inflection Point’ 

Swine Flu Kills First U.S. Resident as Schools Reopen, WHO Pandemic Nears 

Judge rejects opposition to Chrysler sale Carmaker cleared to sell assets

Chrysler creditors ordered to reveal identities Alleged threats ruled as not credible

OUTRAGE OF THE DAY: Taxpayers won’t get Chrysler loans back
Subprime lobbyists spent $370m lobbying for crap mortgages Study reveals decade of spending.
SEC opens new front on Insider Trading The SEC brought its first case alleging insider trading involving credit-default swaps, suing a hedge-fund trader and his Deutsche Bank sales representative.

Junk Bonds Sell as Investors Get Bolder.

Brokers Abandon Wall Street The number of brokers leaving Wall Street is rising as a result of slumping markets, widespread job cuts and shrinking paychecks.

U.S. May Set a Debt Test for Banks The Treasury is expected to announce as early as Wednesday that banks must show that they can issue debt without government subsidies before they are allowed to exit TARP.

As Investors Circle Ailing Banks, Fed Sets Limits Seeing opportunity in the nation’s struggling banking system, private equity firms are lobbying to change federal rules that limit their control.

Wall Street Is Seen Emerging From Collapse Much Like Pre-Crisis Industry

Agreement Reached at Boston Globe The Boston Globe and its largest union reached a tentative agreement, apparently ending for now The New York Times Company’s threat to shut down the newspaper.

Suit: Madoff Family Got Ponzi Funds Bernard Madoff used funds from his Ponzi scheme to support relatives’ business ventures, according to a court filing.

Kraft’s macaroni cheese sales soaring Budget-conscious consumers opt for mac-and-cheese
Rich Americans Default on Luxury Homes as Losses Emulate Subprime Victims

More U.S. Millionaires Say They Don’t Feel Wealthy, Fidelity Survey Finds

Sotheby’s New York Impressionist Sale Falls to 7-Year Low as Picasso Flops

Federer Fails to Fend Off Nadal in Fight to Be World’s Richest Tennis Star

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