Canada An Even Bigger Polluter Than We Are


Canada’s environmental practices are the worst of the G8, according to a report released by the WWF in partnership with Allianz.

The leaders of the G8 meet next week in Italy, and climate change policies will be a topic of discussion. Ahead of the meeting the WWF wants the world to know it’s disappointed with current policies in place.

The WWF wants to see emission reductions between 1990 and 2007, closing in on Kyoto targets, and deployment of renewable clean energy. It didn’t see too much of any of that. Here’s how it shook out on a per nation basis:

  • Canada: Emission are steadily increasing and on a per capita basis are amongst the highest in the world. The nation has no chance of hitting the Kytoto Protocol targets.
  • Russia: Russia’s emsssions have been rising since 1999, and it hasn’t implemented any policies to cut emissions.
  • U.S.A.: In the last four months Obama has implemented more proactive policies than the U.S. saw in 30 years. But, emissions are still slated to grow, and it’s the biggest polluter in the world.
  • Japan: Its use of nuclear power helps lower emissions, but its recently announced target for emission reductions by 2020 are weak.
  • Italy: Per capita emissions are low, but absolute emissions continue to rise, and there is no policy in place.
  • France: The use of nuclear power in France has helped reduce emissions since 1990.
  • UK: A shift from coal to natural gas has helped the country lower its emissions. It also has good policy in place, as well as national support for lowering emissions.
  • Germany: Only slightly better than the UK. It has lowered emissions, announced an aggressive 40% reduction in emissions for 2020, and implemented many proactive policies.

Here’s what the WWF wants to see from the G8:

  • Global emissions start falling by 2020.
  • Reduce emissions 40% by 2020, have net emissions be 0 by 2050.
  • Create a joint account that steers money to emerging nations to help them develop cleaner economies.

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