WWE Tough Enough Winner Heading To FCW

If you expected the WWE Tough Enough 2011 winner to jump into the chaos of RAW or SmackDown you’d be mistaken. Andy Leavine will reportedly head to FCW to fine tune his craft. “I welcome all the challenges that I’m going to face.

I have read mixed reactions by the wrestling media or as Matt Hardy would call them, “the dirt sheet writers” on the plans. Some argue that the WWE is missing out on Leavine’s momentum by sending him to the WWE’s developmental division in Florida and keeping him off of television indefinitely. Others argue that the WWE is doing the right thing and taking their time with Leavine rather than throwing him to the wolves.

I am in the camp that believes this is the right move for the young former Florida International lineman. You didn’t need to watch a single episode of Tough Enough this season to see that Leavine wasn’t ready for the major leagues. All you needed to see was Leavine get right up after taking a Stone Cold Stunner to know that Leavine has a long road ahead of him.

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