WWE Superstar Dusty 'The American Dream' Rhodes dies at 69

Screen Shot 2015 06 11 at 3.32.21 PMYoutube / WWEVirgil Runnels, AKA Dusty ‘The American Dream’ Rhodes in his signature Polka Dot outfit.

After 27 years in the wrestling business, Virgil Runnels, or as he is better known, Dusty “The American Dream” Rhodes, passed away at age 69, the WWE reports.

Known for his charizma inside, and outside the ring, as well as his signature “Bionic Elbow” finishing move, Rhodes was inducted into four wrestling hall of fames, and a champion many times over. He continued to make appearances on WWE up until February of this year, but Runnels began taking more of a backstage role as a Booker, or a writer, as he advanced in years.

In addition to his storied wrestling career, Runnels was the father four, including fellow wrestling superstars Dustin Runnels (Goldust) and Cody Runnels (Stardust). Runnels was known for his working man persona, and sometimes billed as “The son of a plumber.” 

His wrestling promo “Hard Times” where he addressed the plight of the working man, his physique, and his rival Ric Flair is remembered as one of the greatest of all time.

News of his death has rippled through the wrestling scene. Wrestlers Triple H and Ric Flair tweeted today in memorium of the lost champion:

See his classic matchup against Rick Flair bellow:



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