WWE Star John Morrison Suffers Serious Injury

WWE superstar John Morrison is hurt and will miss time. Morrison confirmed on Twitter that he will need neck surgery. Morrison is scheduled to be sidelined for 4-6 weeks, stalling the biggest push of his career.

If there is one WWE superstar right now that can’t afford an injury it is likely John Morrison. While it is never a good time to get hurt, the timing couldn’t be any worse for Morrison. After more than 8 years on the WWE roster, Morrison is receiving the push of his WWE tenure due to a lot of intangibles. Unfortunately the time off would allow someone else to take advantage of those intangibles and leap frog Morrison on the depth chart, once again pushing Morrison back to mid-card status for life.

Some may call it karma for the Tough Enough winner although I think that is a little harsh. The karma comes from Morrison’s WrestleMania 27 charade and the controversy surrounding it. Morrison was uncooperative with tag team partner Trish Stratus in and out of the ring in regards to their mixed-tag team match. Morrison wound up in the dog house with management and the locker room after the incident to the point that Edge can be seen visibly snubbing Morrison a few weeks later when Morrison went to shake his hand after Edge retired ( a video which the WWE published and later removed from You Tube).

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