WWE RAW Roulette 6/27 Results - CM Punks Cuts Shoot Promo

-So it’s another gimmick week, but thankfully just two hours long. WWE Raw Roulette is back, because the low buyrate for Over the Limithave scared Vince McMahon into gimmicking every show in the hopes that people will watch TV and be enticed to buy the pay per views. Of course, if you’re getting the “excess gimmicks” on TV, and that’s why you’re watching, why would you spend $50 on a PPV without the gimmicks?

-Live in Las Vegas. Home of broke mo-fos.

-Booker T’s manning the wheel. But he can’t provide his delightfully incorrect commentary from back there! Can’t Jerry Lawler man the wheel, or does he need constant supervision from a PO or something?

Shawn Michaels is here, dressed as Larry the Cable Guy, because it’s important to have non-wrestlers clog the television shows, when you need the airtime to convince fans to buy those $50 PPVs. Do I sound grouchy tonight? I’m sorry. But if Shawn’s not carrying someone to a ****1/2 match, or slagging a midcarder while doped up on meds, then I don’t care.

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