WWE posts the CM Punk Shoot Promo Video

Unless you have been living under a rock this week, you have probably heard about the awesome CM Punk “shoot” promo from RAW Roulette. After some censoring and editing, the WWE has finally made the video of the promo available on You Tube and WWE.com.

The WWE does a great job of uploading all of the matches and angles from their broadcasts to You Tube fairly quickly following the shows. That is why I was surprised to see everything from RAW on You Tube Tuesday except the now infamous CM Punk promo. Thanks to a tweet from Joey Styles, I was alerted that the promo is now available online.

I can certainly understand why the promo wasn’t on You Tube or the WWE website on Tuesday. If the whole idea was to believe that the WWE had suspended Punk over the promo, why would they make it available? At the same time this is a business and you are really just shooting (no pun intended) yourself in the foot by burying the key moment in building your upcoming WWE Money in the Bank 2011 event.

Continue reading & watch the CM Punk Shoot Promo video at Camel Clutch Blog →

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