WWE NXT August 9 Results & Report

We were down to two Rookies (from the original six) however, WWE decided to bring back another one… just because? Our finalists are Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, and Derrick Bateman. Here’s another spoiler for you; Titus O’Neil will win this. No, I didn’t read any dirt sheet for that information; its just he’s the only face on the show left. WWE would like to believe that the WWE Universe is a fair and honest group who picks the winner based on their merits… but unfortunately, they’re not. Nope, they just pick the biggest face, and right now, Titus is the sole face of this trio, so its pretty much over. As to why they don’t get this over with is beyond me.

We start off with NXT host Matt Striker in the ring, as he must have got the memo that this was a new job for me as he has another insipid challenge. See Rookies have to do random challenges from time to time, either for popularity or Redemption Points.

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