WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results - Orton Punts Sheamus

-Opening montage of the Christian vs. Randy Orton feud kicks off the broadcast. I’m really thinking this will be the main event instead of the WWE RAW guys this time around. Hey, isn’t Sunday Father’s Day? The buy rates of this PPV are gonna be turrrrible.

-Ahhh, yet another taped, panoramic shot of the fans from the lovely city of…I guess it doesn’t really matter. Unless Christian comes out and spouts off something about “you people and your team!” Man, WWE should come to Vancouver, stat. R Truth could march out in a Bruins jersey and crack jokes like “who lef’ da stove on?!…don’t boo me, ya should be booin’ yaselves!…oooh, BURN! SHAZAM!!”

Randy Orton comes out and says he doesn’t give a damn about having a concussion. Biting social commentary from a guy who apparently missed the story of that Chris Benoit dude and his million flying headbutts from the top rope. Commissioner Long comes out and spouts off some legal mumbo jumbo about Orton not fighting tonight.

-Cue Captain Charisma who tells Orton that he’ll use his brain bruise as an excuse when Christian destroys him at WWE Capitol Punishment.

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