WWE Friday Night SmackDown July 15 Results & Recap

We start the July 15 WWE Friday Night SmackDown off with everyone’s favourite walking sleep aid, World Champion Randy Orton. Josh Mathews is in the ring to do the interview, and he reminds Orton that if he is disqualified on Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank 2011, Christian will win the title. At this point, I expect Christian to win by count-out. Orton says there’s more than one way to beat Christian, and that Christian can’t beat him.

We see Christian on the Titantron, and he tells us that Christian doesn’t need to beat Orton via DQ. He has a present for Orton, and it’s a framed photo of Christian holding up the world title over Randy Orton from a few weeks back. Christian tells us that that’s how it will end on Sunday, with Christian as the new champion. Orton laughs this off and calls Christian borderline pathetic.

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