WWE Friday Night SmackDown August 12 Results & Report – The 7 Foot RKO

Lots of CM Punk chants at the mention of his name. He says his phone hasn’t stopped ringing and a has a mile of wrestlers waiting outside his office door every day, and that the pressure of having the job is off the charts. However, he says he loves it, and he will do his damnedest to make each show as exciting and unpredictable as possible.

Yeah, we’ll see. He announces an Intercontinental title match for later tonight as Ezekiel Jackson will defend the belt against Cody Rhodes, and the two MITB winners will face each other tonight as Daniel Bryan will take on RAW’s Alberto Del Rio. Also, both Christian and Randy Orton will be wrestling in singles matches tonight as the Great Khali takes on Orton (kill me now), and Christian will take on…

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