WWE Best Of King Of The Ring DVD Review

The WWE’s King of the Ring tournament has always been one of my favourite events. Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked tournaments in wrestling; maybe it’s because the eventual winner usually goes on to much bigger and better things after winning the tournament, so it’s always fun to see who the WWE has pegged as their next “go-to” guy.

This set is hosted by Booker T, who stays in character as “King Booker” the entire time. As obnoxious as I thought this might be, Booker actually does a decent job hosting the DVD, and keeps the character mostly toned down, barely even faking the accent. Booker introduces each match, including the back story behind each one. This is a nice touch since most of the matches on here are older and current fans might not know everything behind them.

The DVD gives you every tournament final since 1993, except for the 1999 finals (which is fine, because seeing Billy Gunn win the tournament sucked). Some of these matches, like Ken Shamrock vs. the Rock at 1998, are just OK. Others, like Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow at 1993, are phenomenal.

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