If There's No New iPhone At WWDC, Will Steve Jobs Even Bother Showing Up?

steve jobs pointing apple

Apple will not unveil a new iPhone at its WWDC conference in June, a few sites are reporting today.

If true, this would make it the first time since the iPhone existed that Apple didn’t show off a new phone at the conference.

So will Apple CEO Steve Jobs even bother showing up and taking the stage?

Jobs is, after all, on medical leave. (Even though he led the iPad 2 unveiling in early March.)

So this could be an opportunity to let someone else — say, marketing boss Phil Schiller — run the keynote again. It sounds like there won’t be anything new for Steve to get photographed holding — just new operating systems and perhaps some cloud services to demonstrate.

But on the other hand, software is just as important as hardware to Apple’s success — even if it doesn’t appeal to the masses as much as a shiny new piece of metal. It’s important for the media and Apple fanatics to get excited about new Apple software.

And who could make a bunch of software updates and cloud stuff sound as sexy as Steve?

So, we wouldn’t be surprised either way.

He could show up and make a big deal out of the new operating systems. Or he could sit this one out. What do you think?

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