Apple introduces ‘the best mobile reading experience, ever’ for news

Apple’s Susan Prescott introduces Apple News on stage at WWDC 2015. Screenshot

Apple’s new iOS9 operating system for iPhone and iPad will introduce a gorgeous new News app that competes with the likes of Flipboard, in an unexpected announcement at today’s WWDC 2015 event.

“It’s fast and fluid. We think it offers the best mobile reading experience, ever,” said Apple VP of Product Marketing Susan Prescott on stage at the keynote.

And yes, Apple News will replace the Newsstand app you have on your phone.

The idea is that the new Apple News app will curate articles, photos, and videos from all across the Internet for you based on your interests. It also gives you “interactive stories” with bouncing typography, layouts that change the page before your eyes, animations, and video.

Apple also says that it’s partnered with magazine publisher Conde Nast to bring articles from 17 of its magazines, including Wired and Vanity fair, to Apple News in an optimised format. Plus, the New York Times will give Apple News readers access to 30 free articles every day.

Apple News launches later this year in the United States and UK with iOS9.

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