A company that wants to be the 'global standard network of genomic data' raised $240 million

Wuxi NextCODE, a genomic information company, has raised $US240 million in one of the biggest rounds ever raised by a genomics company.

The series B round, led by Sequoia Capital, added another $US165 million to the $US75 million the company raised in May. In total, the company has raised $US255 million.

The field of genomics is getting more crowded, with companies tackling everything from building the hardware that sequence samples of DNA, to companies that are building tests to tell you all about your health or ancestry, to information technology companies like NextCODE. NextCODE works both with pharmaceutical companies to help them compile and store genomic data and by selling genomic tests to users in China.

The company’s CEO, Hannes Smarason, compared the way NextCODE operates for other people in the life sciences industry to how the Bloomberg terminal functions for the financial services industry. When it comes to consumer tests, Smarason said the aim is to be a network like Facebook. In the end, the aim is to be the “global standard network of genomic data.”

The funding round will be used to build up the company’s platform, help it better use artificial intelligence in its services, and build out its commercial team, Smarason said. The money might also be used to acquire some companies that can help the company better digitize, manage, or analyse genomic data.

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