WTO Loves Online Gambling, U.S. Not So Much

The World Trade organisation announced a $21 million sanction against the U.S. today due to its online betting restrictions. We’re not really sure what this all means, but the New York Times says the decision opens the door for Antigua–the small island nation that brought the suit against the U.S.–to “violate copyright protections on goods like films and music.” More:

The ruling is significant in that it grants a rare form of compensation: the right of one country, in this case Antigua, to violate intellectual property laws of another — the United States — by allowing it to distribute copies of American music, movie and software products.

Really? That ought to make for some interesting business plans.

Meanwhile, the WTO ruling comes hot on the heels of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google being fined by the U.S. government a combined $31.5 million for running ads from illegal gambling sites.  Uncle Sam, what gives? We’re just trying to get some action here, and we don’t want to have to travel to places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or one of the country’s 400+ Indian casinos to do it. Meanwhile, despite the official ban on online wagering, it is still rather easy to gamble online at places like Bodog, we’ve been told by sources close to the situation.

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