Here's What Happened When Two Players At The World Series Of Poker Both Flopped A Flush Wednesday

The World Series of Poker is currently going on at the Rio Hotel and Casino, and we’re highlighting our favourite play of the day.

On Wednesday, two players went up against each other with nearly equally great hands… but only one came out on top.

After a flop of

, Ronnie Bardah called Brian Tsang’s check-raise. The next card was an , which was enough for Ronnie Bardah. He decided to go all in with 83,900.
Tsang called, and the two players revealed their cards — both had a flush.

Bardah was holding

while Tsang had

Tsang basically had no hope because Bardah was holding the ace. The river — or fifth card — was a

, which solidified the win for Bardah.
Ronnie Bardah finished 24th in the 2010 WSOP.

Bonus Poker Term!
An opponent is ‘drawing dead‘ when he is hoping to complete hand that will nevertheless lose to his opponent. Tsang was drawing dead because the best that he could have gotten would have been a King-high flush — which would nevertheless lose to Bardah’s ace-high flush.

Source: Poker News

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