A Russian Poker Player Got Really Lucky When He Pushed All In With Ace-Jack Vs. A Pair Of Eights

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is currently going on at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and we’re highlighting our favourite play of the day.

Yesterday, Poker News reported that Andrey Zaichenko moved all in before the flop with an A♦ and J♠… only to realise that his opponent had a pair of eights (8♣ 8♥).

Even though Zaichenko was down, he could still win. But for now, all he could do was wait and watch the cards.

The flop revealed a 2♠ 3♠ Q♠. Although this wasn’t an Ace or Jack, these cards increased Zaichenko’s odds of winning. Now, if either of the next two cards was a X♠ he would complete a flush.

The next card was a K♥. Again, although not great card, this also increased Zaichenko’s odds. Now, if there was any kind of 10 on the river, Zaichenko would get a straight. However, having good odds, doesn’t always mean you’ll get the win.

And Zaichenko lucked out. The last card was a 9♠, which gave Zaichenko the flush on the river.

Later on in the day, Zaichenko was officially out. He finished in 17th place.

Additional WSOP News:

The last bracelet winner still left — Luis Velador — is out. He finished in 10th place.

Mark Newhouse made it to the November Nine for the second year in a row.

Source: Poker News

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